What is the circlehoe?

The health benefits of gardening are many for both body and mind. Of the thousands of articles addressing the health benefits of gardening, the overwhelming opinions support gardening for physical exercise, mental stimulation and for the bounty and pleasure of your harvest.

Physically, the activities involved with weeding, cultivating, digging, mowing, lifting, walking, etc. can effectively help your heart, stave off osteoporosis, burn calories and increase flexibility. The beauty of gardening is that you can achieve all these physical and health benefits while satisfying your mental and emotional needs as well.

A major problem that most gardeners have is the weeds we have to deal with and the physical stresses of weeding. Especially in spring, many of us are using muscles that have not been used for a while. We spend many hours hacking, chopping and bending down to remove those troublesome pesky weeds.

With this simple tool, you can still get out there and tackle those weeds. The difference is in the physical impact of the work that you're doing. First of all, the circlehoe eliminates much of the need to bend over. Secondly, the blade of the circlehoe glides through the soil weeding, aerating and cultivating on one fluid motion. It does not drag the soil along thereby eliminating much of the time used to rearrange the soil. With the circlehoe, you'll experience less stress on your back, knees, shoulders and arms.

Suzi Bass: Marietta, GA - "I was amazed by the speed in which I was able to complete weeding my flower beds! Every year, in late Spring, I have to hand pick millions (literally) of maple tree sprouts from my beds. That is until I discovered this fabulous tool! In an hour and a half I had completed the job it previously took several days to perform by hand! I am spreading the word to all my gardening friends about the necessity of this tool. Thank you again for designing the best tool I have in my gardening shed!"