What is the circlehoe?

1. Isn't the circlehoe just another version of a Hula hoe?
a. NO. There is a distinct difference between the circlehoe and the hula/scuffle hoe. Their design is for different purposes. Read our comparison

2. Does the blade have to be sharpened and, if so, how often? What should I use to sharpen it with?
a. We recommend that you keep the blade sharp with a round chainsaw file. The blade is made of hard carbon steel and the sharp edge is forged so it's very strong. You won't need to sharpen it very often unless you are working in very rocky soil. Sharpening is easy and takes less than one minute. Instructions for sharpening are included.

3. Will the blade rust?
a. The part of the blade that is sharpened on the leading edge where there is no paint will rust but when you use it in the dirt, the rust will wear off. A light coating of oil will inhibit rust in storage.

4. Do you have a special model of circlehoe for a left handed person?
a. The circlehoe works equally well for a right or left handed person.

5. Will the blade get loose and come out of the handle?
a. No. There are notches on the shaft of the blade that anchor the blade the wooden handle. The notches 'hook' into the wood.

6. What if I accidentally hit a rock with the circlehoe? Will the blade break?
a. The circlehoe blade is forged from carbon steel so it is very strong and will not break unlike a blade made of stamped metal.

7. Will the circlehoe work on dandelions or other weeds that have a taproot?
a. The design of the circlehoe® is for cutting weeds at the soil line not for digging out roots.

8. Isn't it true that you have to get the roots of the weeds out of the ground or the weeds will grow back from the root?
a. Most weeds do not grow back when cut away from their roots. Weeds grow from the weed seeds that are in the ground. The trick is to cut off weeds just below the soil surface so that you aerate and cultivate the soil while destroying the weeds.

9. Do I need to clean up all the weeds where I've sliced through the roots? Won't those weeds grow back if I don't pick them up?
a. Some weed debris if left partially buried in the soil may take root. For the most part, the debris should not be a bother except for cosmetic reasons and, if left behind, will rapidly decay and be assimilated back into the soil.

10. The circlehoe blade seems small. It looks like it would take forever to weed an area of any size.
a. The circlehoe® is designed to work quickly and effectively in closely planted areas. You will be pleased to find that you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Read more testimonials

11. Which size of circlehoe® will best serve my needs?
a. The three sizes are more fully explained in our product section.