What is the circlehoe?

"In the tight quarters of an established garden, the Henningsen circlehoe earned high praise from our testers. The working end is small, but it can slice through even sizable weeds." (leading Consumer Magazine test of Hoes and Cultivators)* The circlehoe garden hoe is designed to be used in, around and under the foliage of your plants not only to weed but to cultivate. That is an application that is next to impossible to accomplish with a scuffle hoe. You will find that you can do a better job with greater ease when you need is to work close to your plants, a feat that cannot be accomplished with a scuffle style garden hoe.

"The Ames Action Hoe is typical of a scuffle hoe (stirrup or hula). It cuts with both sides--that is, on the push stroke as well as the pull stroke--and works best in open areas." (leading Consumer Magazine test of Hoes and Cultivators)* The scuffle hoe can be difficult to use and control in closely planted areas due to its angular shape and sharp edges. It is in these areas that the circlehoe is a clear winner.

The circlehoe is often mistaken as just another stirrup hoe (also called the action, oscillating, swivel, scuffle, or hula hoe) because both types of garden hoe have an open area in the middle. That's where the similarity in these garden tools ends.

There are significant physical and design differences and methods of application between these two garden tools. It's not that one style of garden hoe is better than the other but that the purpose of these two gardening tools is entirely different.

The scuffle hoe requires a hard to control and physically demanding push-pull effort. The circlehoe handles easily and with precision on the pull stroke which is much easier to control close to your plants and less physically demanding. It is a much easier garden tool to work with.